Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Do You Think of Wu Orthodontics? We Want to Hear!

We at Wu Orthodontics have come to appreciate your interactions with us online, whether it is on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, or this blog. This week we wanted to share with you a great review about Wu Orthodontics, and encourage you to take a few moments to write a review too!

As an adult getting braces, I wanted to make sure I chose the right orthodontist. I did extensive research and met with six orthodontists and I must say: Dr. Wu stood out from the pack. He was very professional, easy going, kind, patient and thorough. I asked a lot of questions and he answered each and every one of them to my satisfaction. After our initial consultation, I still had more questions and he made the time to talk with me some more. We had great rapport and I felt really comfortable with Dr. Wu.

I was impressed that Dr. Wu uses the damon system. Not all orthodontist are up to speed on the latest technologies so I was glad Dr. Wu uses it and recommended it. He explained all the options to me and made sure I knew exactly what was involved. I like being informed and able to make smart decisions about my treatment.

I started my treatment right away but my travel/work schedule made it difficult to schedule appointments. Dr. Wu’s office was very accommodating and made every effort to schedule (and reschedule) my appointments as needed.

Dr. Wu’s prices are very fair; you get what you pay for and I wouldn’t have mind paying more for the excellent customer service and professional care that I’ve received from Wu Orthodontics.

I am extremely pleased with the results. :) I smile more, feel more confident and get compliments on my teeth/smile all the time! Thank you, Dr. Wu!

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