Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September is National Preparedness Month

Some of the WUnderful community events our team is involved in. In recognition of National Preparedness Month, Practice Relations Coordinator Lisa volunteered at Quakeville, a pilot program that took place at Juanes Briones Park in Palo Alto. Lisa is part of a group of trained neighborhood volunteers on emergency preparedness that came together what life would be like in a major disaster.

Quakeville at Juanes Briones Park, Palo Alto
 Highlights of the exercise included checking in mayor Pat Burt, seeing the Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC) from officer Ken Dueker and testing out radio commands. The Boy Scouts and Red Cross also participated in the event to bring awareness to be prepared for any major disaster.

Outside the office, Lisa is an emergency block preparedness coordinator (BPC) and recently planned a block party in her neighborhood.