Friday, March 27, 2009

Painted Lady Butterflies Infiltrate Wu Orthodontics!

Butterflies at Wu Orthodontics!
(And we don't mean the kind that turn your stomach into knots.)

These are the real deal. Painted Lady Butterflies are all around the Palo Alto Community right now, and some have even come into our orthodontic practice!

The butterflies migrate northwest this time of year and they don't stop until they run out of reserved fat carried over from their caterpillar stage. Back a couple years ago, the swarm was so thick it stopped traffic!

This year, to welcome them, we put up hundreds of colorful paper butterflies around our office.

They will only stay awhile as they migrate through, but hopefully they will be back in August as they return to the desert, their winter home. In the meantime, stop by Wu Orthodontics to see our colorful display, who knows maybe a Painted Lady or two will stop by to greet you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wu Orthodontics Leads Dental Study Clubs for Palo Alto General Dentists

Wu Orthodontics is committed to excellence in oral health. A key part of this commitment is their focus on education. That is why they regularly hold study clubs on topics of general dentistry.

Tuesday, March 24th, is the second study club in a series of seven. Fifteen to twenty general dentists from the Palo Alto and surrounding communities will attend the lecture held on the top floor of Wu Orthodontics' office building.

Dr. Wu will kick off the evening with a presentation about the Damon System. He will detail what the Damon System is capable of and present several cases that he is currently working on.

Following Dr. Wu's presentation, Dr. Terrell F. Pannkuk, a native Californian, will lecture on the differences between root canals and implants. He will discuss practical applications of the two and specific cases where each is appropriate.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Palo Alto Girls Softball League and Wu Orthodontics In Full Swing

They came out swinging for opening Day on Saturday.

That's right, the Palo Alto Girls Softball League is officially in full swing. And the team sponsored by Wu Orthodontics kicked off their season right in their stylish new jerseys. Dr. Wu went out to meet the team and cheer them on.

The next two months will be full of challenging opponents,long practices, and grueling strategy sessions, but with Wu Orthodontics on their side, these girls are sure to wow their opponents.

Stay tuned for pictures of the girls in their Wu Orthodontics jerseys!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wu Orthodontics Teams Up WithThe Palo Alto Girls Softball Leauge

Wu Orthodontics is the proud sponsor of a team in the Palo Alto Girls Softball League this Spring. As the days are getting warmer and longer, we are looking forward to cheering our girls on and bringing them lots of water to stay hydrated!

The Girls Softball League has been in the greater Palo Alto community for more than 25 years. Last year alone, 400 girls played, ranging in age from 5 to 14. Sponsors for the league help run the league, outfit the teams, and improve the fields.
Wu Orthodontics is excited to be involved with such a great organization and can’t wait for the games to begin. And now, Play Ball!