Friday, March 27, 2009

Painted Lady Butterflies Infiltrate Wu Orthodontics!

Butterflies at Wu Orthodontics!
(And we don't mean the kind that turn your stomach into knots.)

These are the real deal. Painted Lady Butterflies are all around the Palo Alto Community right now, and some have even come into our orthodontic practice!

The butterflies migrate northwest this time of year and they don't stop until they run out of reserved fat carried over from their caterpillar stage. Back a couple years ago, the swarm was so thick it stopped traffic!

This year, to welcome them, we put up hundreds of colorful paper butterflies around our office.

They will only stay awhile as they migrate through, but hopefully they will be back in August as they return to the desert, their winter home. In the meantime, stop by Wu Orthodontics to see our colorful display, who knows maybe a Painted Lady or two will stop by to greet you!