Friday, April 3, 2009

Upcoming Free Dental Screening For Palo Alto Community

On Wednesday, April 8, we are holding a dental screening at the Herbert C. Hoover Elementary School in Palo Alto. The screening is for underprivileged and under-served residents of the community who are in need of dental care.

The event is coordinated by the Mid-Peninsula Dental Society and the Foothill College Hygienist Program in conjunction with the Palo Alto School District. Linda Lenoir is the school nurse for the district and she has been reaching out to families in the community to raise awareness of this great event.

Dr. Eric Wu is the Community Chairperson for the Mid-Peninsula Dental Society. He is serving his first year of a two year term.

These groups came together to provide this service to the Palo Alto community because no one should have to sacrifice their dental health, no matter their economic condition. Again, the event will be held on Wednesday, April 8, at the Herbert C. Hoover Elementary School. Interestingly enough, it was also Dr. Wu's elementary school.