Friday, June 26, 2009

Patient Appreciation Letter to Wu Orthodontics

Dr. Wu and Wu Orthodontics are doing amazing work in the Palo Alto community. Read this letter from one patient who is particularly thankful.

Dear Dr. Wu,

Thank you for helping me. With the braces, things are so much better.

Before when I was in school, I got in fights, some kids laughed at me, and people called me names, like “dienton,” which means “big teeth” in English. My life was hard because people called me that.

Now, nobody makes fun of me because they know that my teeth are better with the braces. My life is so much better. I am so happy with my teeth as they keep getting better.

Thank you for the braces. I am especially grateful to you for not being angry or taking away my braces when one or more brackets are broken. I will do my best to not break anymore brackets. Thank you to the ladies at the front table for their pretty smiles when I get to the table.

With deep gratitude,