Friday, May 29, 2009

Community and Patient Review of WU Orthodontics

Dr. Eric Wu of Wu Orthodontics serves the Palo Alto Community with superior orthodontic work. Just read this letter from a community member.

Dear Dr. Wu,

I have been composing this letter of thanks since the first day I saw Michael gleaming with his shiny new braces. I have told people the story of your generosity and on more than a few occasions the person listening was brought almost to tears (and indeed a few tears were in fact shed). As the Vice Principal of our school, I spend quite a bit of my time helping students content with their life challenges, both behaviorally and academically. I remember when Michael first came to our school just a few years ago, fresh from Mexico. Desperate to overcome his obvious awkward appearance, he was often sent to the office for either getting in fights or doing silly thinks in an effort to make friends. Often the fights he got in were because of other kids bullying him and instigating trouble just for their own cheap laughs.

Since he has had his braces, he has become an entirely new and improved Michael. He has friends who are sincere and earnest. He's been making significant strides to improve in school and he even insists on speaking English. There is, however, no better illustration of his positive changes than the school pictures. I've enclosed copies from last year and this year. You can see that he is unhappy and hiding his teeth in last year's photo, this year he is beaming with his big smile and shiny braces.

We cannot thank you enough for your incredible generosity. I don't know if you are available, but as a possible "save the date" we would love to honor you at our Community Celebration Appreciating Dinner. It is so wonderful to know that community members such as you are out there. Please know that our entire school is in awe and inspired by your act of generosity. You, probably more than you can imaging, have changed his life for the better.