Friday, December 5, 2008

Pumpkin Painting

This past October, we decided to celebrate Halloween with all of our little “WUnderful” smiles! After all, Halloween is really a time for children, imagination, and celebration. So, Wu Orthodontics held a Pumpkin Painting contest! Oh, the children of Wu Orthodontics loved it.

We had some very creative and hard work put into this year's Wu Orthodontics Pumpkin Painting contest! We really have many creative and gifted children in Palo Alto. I was hard to narrow down who was the best painter! So, in the end, the staff of Wu Orthodontics decided to create a few different categories, such as happiest, spookiest, and most cuddly.

Winners received Damon Dollar tokens as well as gift certificates to Jamba Juice! Palo Alto mothers had to love that prize – a tasty Halloween treat for their young ones that wouldn’t rot their teeth!