Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Feathers

What are you and your family doing to celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Many families gather around a full table of stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a big fat turkey! Being together, celebrating a meal, and pausing for a moment to contemplate the many different things we all have to be grateful for is what makes this holiday so meaningful to many of us.

Even though many of our patients will be busy celebrating on November 27, we wanted to have a pre-thanksgiving celebration this year. So, we gave a feather to each of our orthodontic patients visiting the office this week for new Invisalign clear aligners or Damon system braces. We asked our orthodontic family to write one thing that they are grateful for on a feather, and then to place it on a big hand drawn turkey on the wall. We nicknamed him “Todd, the turkey.” He just looked like a Todd!

Some of the feathers were heartfelt and sentimental. Others, however, were just sweet! Look at our pictures (below) of Todd the turkey and the responses. I hope you had as much fun with this as I did! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Don’t forget to brush and floss after dinner!